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Women & Their Rights On Social Media Like Facebook

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Women are now ruling the social media, no matter which social media application you log on into you will find the domination of females. They are everywhere on social media and are in the click to click stand with men regarding comments likes and in creating awarenesss. if you log on to facebook you will find them posting photos, commenting on posts sharing videos and what not, Instagram also has now become a big fashion hub due to the presence of large number of female users and not to forget the twitter is now famous for comments and for raising topics and issues there also you will find females commenting click to click.

With this domination,INTERNET has become a hub for women right awareness. Women are now using social media as a platform to raise their voices which previously was very difficult to be heard or to reach the audience as big as present in social media.

buy Instagram likesThere are many different innovative campaigns being held on social media targeting the women’s right. Now it has become very difficult to hide anything from the world with the option of sharing your life with just a click.

Some major action-oriented campaigns were highlighted by the use of hashtags, some of the famous hashtags that spotlighted the women rights issue on social media are;

#LeanIn; it is one of the famous books of Sheryl Sandberg which gained spotlight by its use as a hashtag to inspire women to raise their voices and to speak openly regarding their professional challenges and issues.

#ChangeTheRatio; this hashtag was founded by Rachel Sklar where she asked to change the ratio to increase the visibility of females in providing access to equal opportunities as men.

#Ask4More; this campaign highlighted the issue of providing equal pay to females and also the tools, information and the support they must have to get access to equal pay.

#girlrising; this is the hashtag that focuses on the importance of girl’s education. People who get more Instagram followers get massive comments with these hashtags. It is a global movement that provides the platform for sharing stories, comments and quotes regarding the importance of education for girls.

#WeAreSilent; this is a hashtag that spotlights the efforts of Malala yousafzai who was being shot by Taliban for raising her voice to empower girls to get an education. This hashtag is a campaign to raise awareness regarding importance of education for girls around the world who have denied the access to education. By this campaign, it has been said that the efforts and the sacrifice of Malala shall not be forgotten.

#BringBackOurGirls; book haram the terrorist group kidnapped hundreds of girls; this hashtag was created to raise voices against this violent act. This act was able to gain the attention of millions across the globe.

#NotBuyingIt; this hashtag was created by the representation group that highlighted the issue of belittling and objectifying females. Not so surprisingly this hashtag was later used by millions during the same year.

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