Why you should use travertine tile for flooring?

There are a lot of flooring options available to us in the modern era. Some of them are pretty popular while others are present in the market but aren’t much of a choice for the individuals. While it all comes down to the durability, lasting time, and style of the flooring, one has to go with the material that feels appealing and appropriate to him. Among many worthy choices, you would find the travertine tile company offering you the flooring and tiling solutions. But why one should go for it?

They are appealing

The travertine is a material that is known for the beauty and timeless appeal. Like you have wood which is very unique and you won’t find a material that can match it, same is the care with travertine. It has been in use since the ancient times and you can see it used in several temples and monuments build during Roman times. For instance, Colosseum is a monument which is built using travertine and has a very classy look.

The material is available in numerous colors which include gray, white, gold, tan and a few others. The weathered appearance is something unique to this material.

Several finishing options available

When we think of tiling and flooring, there are a number of different finishing options available to us. These are unique to the materials and travertine offers you a lot of ways that include unfilled and filled finish. Finishing helps in enhancing the durability and when you add polish to it, the surface of this natural stone gets pretty smooth. Also, the stain resistant touch can be added and coating helps in sealing the pores where liquid can seem if spilled on the material. Tumbled, brushed, or honed travertine is a good choice for flooring.

They are versatile

Travertine comes in a number of different forms and has various uses. For instance, you can use them in shower trays and sink basins. They are available to be used on the facades and counter tops. And most of all, the tiles are available for flooring too.

Moreover, you can use the material to design a decent bathroom as you remodel your home. Adding it to your poolside would make it pop out and will enhance its looks.

Very durable

Travertine is a natural stone and like other materials belonging to this category, this one is also very durable. If you are looking to place it on a surface with a heavy foot traffic, you can go for it as its hardness rating is pretty much equal to marble. However, the other features that add up to its longevity are the ability to withstand extreme temperature changes.

Final words

So, these are certain reasons why you should contact a travertine tile company and ask them to come over and see your place. Talk to them about the options that you have and evaluate it with other tiling and flooring choices you have before you make the final selection.


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