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How Twitter is News Channel While Instagram is Photo Album for Youth?

instagram stories used by someone

As the use and benefits of social media has expanded, the social networking sites have become more practical and refined. Also the use of social networking sites especially Twitter and Instagram have been elevated to a larger degrees. Twitter and Instagram followers by tweetnfollow, both are leading and renowned medium of advertisement, communication and indeed a safe medium of spreading useful information.

  • News channels use Twitter for spreading information

Mostly News channels deliberately and regularly update their official Twitter profiles to spread the news or information that has been broadcasted or shared on those very News channels. Updating their twitter profiles or accounts aids the public or followers to be up to date about the incidents happening around the globe as nowadays people depend on social media more than any other medium for quick news and information. Twitter is mostly preferred for news and news channels use it for the instant spread of information because of factor of validity and credibility of twitter. It is safe and protected social media site as the security policies or authorities makes it very hard to be hacked. Moreover, it is accessible quite easily when connected to Internet and lastly the information escalates in very rapidly on Twitter. Certainly, this is because of the reliability and validity of Twitter and the audience or followers have a strong belief that most of the accounts on twitter are authorized and the information that regulates on Twitter is accurate. Many conspicuous and important personalities including celebrities, politicians have their private Twitter profiles and they update their accounts and stay affiliated to their followers as well as with humans all around the globe. Twitter is expanding its association and connectivity among its followers or people. Other social networking applications are lesser secure than Twitter, and those social networking sites have diversified various fake pages and profiles, thus making them less trustworthy, credible and valid than twitter, that’s why people rather than sharing  information on those sites, share their information on Twitter and  believe more on the information shared on twitter.

  • Validity of News sources

Twitter is known for more correctness, authenticity, validity and lesser oration and more tolerable arguments and discussion. Twitter have authentic, appropriate and positive information that is shared with the people globally. So, twitter keeps its followers or users updated with all the topical news items and current events as every passing second the News channels update information genuinely on Twitter.

Twitter is one perfect example where news can be confirmed and verifiable directly. On account of the sources from where the news spreads or broadcasts are more appropriate. Whereas all the sources are haphazard and random on other social networking sites. And that’s the logic why twitter is most frequently famous for news and current information in comparison to the other social sites. Twitter is popular because of its accuracy and genuineness of sources.

Instagram used as a photo album by youth

Instagram, in comparison to Twitter is a photo sharing social application that is used heavily by youth. It is introducing new features that is keeping the youngsters engaged thus the population on Instagram is increasing day by day. Recently, it has introduced a feature where Instagrammers can post multiple photos at a time thus uploading a photo album consisting of ten pictures. This feature has gained much attention of people especially youth. Hence, they use Instagram as a photo album where they upload and keep their memories safe in the form of pictures and videos.

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