How many miles should you walk in a day for a healthy living?

How many miles should you walk in a day for a healthy living?

Living healthy can be a tough ask in this fact moving world. Health is wealth, and without it, we won’t be able to keep up with our busy work and life schedule. However, despite health being so critical to an individual, many people neglect it and keep on doing what seems ‘productive’ to them, and at the end, they are caught up by a problem that limits their ability to work. Therefore, it is critical for you to maintain a habit that helps you in staying healthy and for that, you might want to walk each day. But how many miles should you walk in a day?

How many steps to miles

There is a general perception that walking 10,000 steps a day can help you in staying healthy. And it is true because it brings several benefits to you. Just to give you a glimpse of what it can do for you, walking this distance would aid you in losing the belly fat and maintain an ideal weight. It aids in the prevention of diseases that are associated with your health. The risk of high blood pressure is reduced and vulnerability to type 2 diabetes is lowered. Apart from that, you will be strengthening your bones and muscles with balancing of hormones and mood lifting. It also reduces the risk of stroke and the best part; there are no weights and gym training.

So, 10,000 steps a day is the ideal length of walking to stay fit, and it makes roughly 5 miles a day. Yes! 5 miles. How? Well, a stride of an adult is generally taken as 2.5 feet long which means that you would have to walk 2000 steps to reach 1 mile (roughly as the actual numbers may differ). Banking on this fact, it makes 5 miles with 10,000 steps. Therefore, the answer to how many miles should you walk in a day is 5 miles (although some also suggest that it should be 7 miles).

It is not tough to walk 5 miles!

Many individuals think that walking 5 miles a day means that you would have to take time from your busy schedule and spend it walking 5 miles separately. However, it is average of the walk that you take each day including the steps you take to go from your home to nearby shop. And there are a few things that you can include in your day to day life to reach this mark easily.

First up you can get help from the treadmill desk, and if you cannot afford one, you might want to take a look at the DIY videos that will help you in making one. Then you can decide to take a walk for anything that you are about to do, and it is less than 1 miles from your current place. For instance, you might have to go get some groceries, and the store is less than a mile away from your house. Don’t be lazy and try to go on car or bike. Let them rest in your garage and walk to the store to get the necessary stuff. Apart from that, taking a walk with your spouse and that way you would be able to spend time with him/her and get your target achieved.


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