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Examining How Facebook Has Changed Over the Years

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Facebook first opened its doors to the World Wide Web in 2014, which means the online social network is now 14 years old already. It started as a website for Harvard students who wanted to connect with each other. A year later, The Facebook, as it was known, was made available to students from other universities.

The site itself has changed a lot over the past 14 years. It is now known as Facebook rather than The Facebook, and it offers more ways to connect with others than ever just like you buy twitter followers cheap and etc. How has Facebook changed over the years?

The Mini-Feed

One of the biggest changes happened in 2006 when the Feed was introduced. It shows Facebook activities of others in a stream of chronological posts. Facebook released the feature in response to a growing trend to stay up to date; in return, users ran with the feature and had fun with it.

Poking was also introduced in 2006, this time, without any explanation of what the feature was intended for. It was fun to poke your friend and wait for a response. It added a unique new dimension to the social network.

Facebook’s mini-feed grew into News Feed, with more comprehensive posts and a way to keep up with what friends and relatives were doing. The News Feed – and an improved version of it, with real-time updates – was also a prominent feature when Facebook transitioned into a mobile app in 2009.

A Massive Expansion

By 2010, anyone with an email address could have a Facebook account. The social network became a big hit among users from around the world. Interestingly, users found new ways to utilize the features available on Facebook to interact with fellow users. Comments turned into long discussion threads and photos became ways for businesses and individuals to share promotional materials in visual forms.

Several redesigns slowly transformed Facebook into the social network that we know today. The user interface of this site – and its mobile apps – are allowing people to tune into their interests while staying up to date with what friends and relatives are doing in an intuitive way.


It didn’t take long before the features on Facebook became too much for the average user. As a solution, Facebook started separating certain features into individual mobile apps. Many users loved the idea, but there were also those who despised the idea of having to install multiple apps to use those features.

Since then, Facebook has been about convergence. Messenger is still its own app, but reports by Trinity News suggest that the company will be simplifying its Messenger app features soon. The News Feed is also getting a revamp, with a better interface and greater focus on updates from friends; especially updates that spark discussions.

Business features are also getting more attention this year. Businesses will be able to engage their customers in a more immersive way with the soon-to-be-improved Facebook Pages. This series of changes happening to the social networking site is only the beginning as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg turns his new vision about Facebook into real features and updates.

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